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Volunteers make this project a success! You can volunteer regularly (every week, bi-weekly or monthly) or even just as a single event. Some people like to volunteer with a friend or partner which allows them to do meaningful social work while also connecting with each other. 

Most volunteers do one two-hours shift every other week, though a handful do a weekly shift. The shift is always with another volunteer so that one person can remain at the front door to greet guests while another goes downstairs to the shower area to clean the shower. While guests are showering both volunteers get to hang out by the door and chat or read as they please.


How to help

You will be asked to:

  • Help participants sign in 

  • Distribute towels, washcloths and other supplies (we have toiletries, razors, clean underwear, socks, and clothing). 

  • Ensure timeliness (after 25 minutes in the facility give the person a 5 minute warning if the next person is waiting). At the moment we are keeping guests to 30 minutes in the facility, which allows us to get six neighbors into the showers each day. 

  • Clean shower area between uses (wipe down the shower and sink with disinfectant). 

  • Remind guests to sign up for an appointment for the following day or week.   

  • Second shift volunteers throw towels and washcloths into the washing machine with our detergent. (One of our nearby volunteers will put the towels in the drier for us.)  

  • Second shift volunteers also must lock the front door (Yamhill entrance). 

Contact if you are interested in volunteering.

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